Treasure Hunt for Bitcoin's Architect, Trading alpha, and stellar airdrops


Unified Mission Statement

Trading Excellence and Market Mastery

We get it, you want financial freedom– Galaxy Pals exists to provide NFT holders with trading signals and exclusive insights from top-tier traders. It's not just about owning digital art, each NFT unlocks access to our community of traders, cool airdrops, and a bunch of pals all aiming to make a bank.

To enhance your experience, We also handpick the sharpest seasonal guest traders across the globe to beam their expert signals straight to you, with live market sessions, so you can learn from more traders. Our mission is to empower our members with sharp trading insights, provided by elite traders known for their market consistency, and enhanced by strategic AI-driven crypto analysis.

Our first mission

Unveiling the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin's mysterious creator. Armed with a machine learning AI that's delivering promising results, we're more equipped than ever to crack this mystery.This quest exemplifies our commitment to uncovering market truths and mastering the art of trading.Join us at Galactic Pals, where trading excellence meets market mastery, and together, we redefine the realms of financial freedom. We are immensely excited about this investigation and invite you to follow us on Twitter to stay updated on all the latest developments! STAY TUNED!


  • The Abduction

    Community Engagement: Launch an engagement competition for free NFTs. Top Zealy members and active participants in community challenges get rewarded.

    Collaborations: Partner with platforms like Zealy, QuestN, Hypodrop, CoinMarketCap, Binance, and other NFT projects for mutual growth and visibility.

    Offer specialized support for specific community groups,teach people how to do first trade and how to buy first crypto and set up trading account with our referral to MEXC, a zero fee exchange..

  • Community support

    Unleash free trading signals to early supporters + Free alpha (detailed market updates/analysis/explanations) for members

    Whitelist Spots: Distribute whitelist spots through various community activities and competitions.

    AMA Collaborations: Host fun Spaces/AMAs on Fridays with great projects and special guests, influencers, Traders, etc. WL spots/ airdrop/giveaways

  • The Launch

    6000 NFTs minted, with exclusive presale discounts and whitelist benefits

    Personalized coaching for newbies on first trades, crypto buying, account set-up

    Airdrops, giveaways, Free TradingView for top community participants

    Special perks for holders of 3+ NFTs

    Follow trading signals with community wallet, distribute rewards to dedicated members, and purchase NFT’s for our community

  • Galactic Contest

    Arrange crypto trading tournaments for traders of all levels.

    Give crypto prizes to multiple traders weekly.Participate by following signals and win rewards. Unique scoring based on percentage returns to encourage smart risk-taking! Learn the game not the money!

  • The Cosmic Expansion

    Community members nominate professional traders to compete for ETH reward

    Winner of all Pros will be hired to give the community free trading signals/alpha!

    Launch Project Satoshi: use AI and machine learning to find Nakamoto's next venture and reveal it to the world.

    Puzzle and clue-solving games for members with NFT/token prizes.

    Discounts on paid groups, books, courses, and subscriptions

  • Community-Driven DAO

    Early bird access to ICO’s

    Let members vote on featured traders, content, initiatives

    Purchase event space in leading metaverse worlds.

    Additional Plans

    Assemble investment portfolio with community input

    Research potential for branded P2E game or meme coin

    Secure early access to hyped NFT mints for members

Meet the Team

Blockchain and art manager

Web3 Growth hacker

Trading Wizard


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Will we do other NFTs?

one or 2 more projects that you will absolutely love

No just buy it if you have extra money

No you pay that once

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