Teaching people with no experience how to conduct their first profitable trades in 7 days or less!

Unified Mission Statement

Trading Excellence and Market Mastery

Imagine having all the resources of multiple trading experts, daily signals, live trade workshops & analysis, cutting-edge crypto AI analysis tools, and trading bots – all without the burden of monthly fees. That's Galaxy Pals for you – a smarter, more efficient, and cost-effective way to engage with the crypto market. We landed on earth to disrupt traditional subscription models to offer you an all-in-one trading NFT crafted by traders. Say goodbye to monthly fees and embrace a one-time investment.

Our first mission

Unveiling the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin's mysterious creator. Armed with a machine learning AI that's delivering promising results, we're more equipped than ever to crack this mystery.This quest exemplifies our commitment to uncovering market truths and mastering the art of trading.Join us at Galactic Pals, where trading excellence meets market mastery, and together, we redefine the realms of financial freedom. We are immensely excited about this investigation and invite you to follow us on Twitter to stay updated on all the latest developments! STAY TUNED!


Right now, we're offering free signals from 3 expert traders. This helps our early community members save enough to purchase our NFT and evaluate the value of our signals. Check out our public P&L sheet here: Public PnL Sheet. Additionally, Our raise funds are allocated towards:

  • Developing multiple automated Telegram trading bots that operate based on set conditions. (will be beginner friendly)
  • Providing dedicated members with essential trading resources, including TradingView subscriptions, advanced indicators, resources, & discounts.
  • Investing in AI technology for in-depth analysis across 500 cryptocurrencies, targeting the discovery of prime trading opportunities. (updates coming soon!)


Meet the Team

Blockchain and art manager

Web3 Growth hacker